7 Presentation Lessons from Outdoor Advertising You Just Can’t Afford to Miss!

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Presentation Tips from Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is so powerful it can endanger your life! If you ever found your hands on the wheel but eyes stuck to a billboard while driving, you know what I am talking about. Don’t you wish your presentations could have that arresting effect on your viewers. We all do, and though we cannot display our presentations in mammoth billboard sizes, we can still incorporate some of the best ingredients that make outdoor advertising such a success in our presentations.…

7 Industry Leading Advertising Appeals To Create Viral Presentations

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Ideas for Presentation Slide Design

Right at the outset, I would like to tell you that the post covers advertising industry’s best practices that have shaped all advertising and made it as powerful a force as it has become today. And the same can be applied to your presentations (Content and Design) to make them go viral over the web… So, here’s the moment of truth- Your presentation is an advertisement. And it has to be as good as a TV commercial or a print…

40 Brilliant Ads You Just Can’t Afford To Miss!

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What you’re about to read is shocking: “Women shouldn’t have rights Women shouldn’t vote Women shouldn’t work Women shouldn’t box.” Now, here’s something even more shocking: “Women need to be put in their place Women need to know their place Women need to be controlled Women need to be disciplined.” These are real, suggested search terms from Google’s autocomplete feature! Using this auto-complete truth, UN Women released their ad campaign in 2013 with a powerful message “Women should be seen…

8 Reasons Why Advertising Sucks

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Image Courtesy: Presentation by June De La Pena A man spritzes ‘XYZ’ perfume and suddenly women start running after him. A middle-aged woman applies an anti-ageing cream and guess what, her husband falls in love with her all over again. A young man applies fairness cream for a job interview and voila, he is selected!   You often think who would fall for this. But pretty soon you realise it’s all around you. Your next door neighbour, best pal and…