Better authorSTREAM Slides

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You’ve delivered one of your best presentations, and the audience wants you to share the slides. Yes, you can share those slides – there’s nothing in those slides that cannot be shown to the entire world? And yet, you don’t want others to get your actual deck, just in case someone edits your slides and uses them elsewhere? Does that matter? Well, it does seem to matter to so many people. Are you one of them? Slide upload sites like…

Bring your slides to life with Animated GIFs

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Image: © Nevit Dilmen found at Wikimedia commons Enter the virtual world of Animated GIFs. They are witty. They are fun. They are crazy. And they are alive and kicking.  If you were an early entry to World Wide Web (Web 1.0 of 90s), you would probably remember seeing those notorious blinking under construction signs, waving american flags and prowling dinosaurs. If you are part of the new generation of Web 2.0 users, you would have probably stumbled upon short, video…