7 Industry Leading Advertising Appeals To Create Viral Presentations

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Ideas for Presentation Slide Design

Right at the outset, I would like to tell you that the post covers advertising industry’s best practices that have shaped all advertising and made it as powerful a force as it has become today. And the same can be applied to your presentations (Content and Design) to make them go viral over the web… So, here’s the moment of truth- Your presentation is an advertisement. And it has to be as good as a TV commercial or a print…

PowerPoint Slide Design: How Simple is Too Simple?

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Presenters often find themselves in a fix when choosing a design for their next presentation. “Should we keep it simple and clean with a soothing background color and company logo in the footer or should we make it colorful and dynamic like an infographic?” “When does simple become too simple?” Do you face this dilemma too? Perhaps this wonderful discussion initiated by Sukhpreet Kaur, SEO Specialist at BirdBrain Logic, in our LinkedIn group authorSTREAM Present Better would help you dissipate…

‘140 Characters on Each Slide’ and more amazing presentation tips from SlideComet’s Webinar!

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140 characters on each slide. That’s right. The search for the magical number on our presentation slides is now over. Thanks to SlideComet, who presented an enthralling one-hour webinar on authorSTREAM. This top presentation design boutique based in Singapore sure knows how to spice up your presentation! Kaixin Koh, the co-founder of SlideComet, captivated the audience with some excellent presentation tips, fiery hot presentation deck, and her simple yet highly effective presentation style. The webinar “How to design NEXT LEVEL…

Use the “Vanishing Spell” in PowerPoint!

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Evanesco. And poof! This wonderful “Vanishing Spell” in Harry Potter series made things disappear literally into oblivion. An absolute godsend in dire situations, the spell was a lethal weapon in hands of mischief makers (read Vanishing Cabinet). Speaking of the spell, do you remember the scene when Harry wished he knew a good Vanishing Spell to escape his fan Colin’s photograph-clicking spree? Or the time when Bill Weasley used this incantation to make a stack of scrolls disappear while cleaning…

Presentations that are Out Of This World, and the Rocket Science of it!

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Be Bold! Be explosive! Less is More! Beauty is in the shape(s)! Tell what you can offer to them that they don’t have/know! Make them say at the end Oooo! We absolutely loved SlideComet’s “Create Presentations That Are Out Of This World”. It’s bang on target. The presentation, like it advises others to be, is truly out of the world. Watch how simple it is to rock the earth with your presentation: More Presentations from SlideComet   Entertaining yet highly…