How to Hook Your Audience with Your Presentation?

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First 30 seconds and your character is assumed! The time to hook is brief. The same is true for your presentation. Trashed or bookmarked – its destiny is decided in the first few slides. How you start and what you offer in those slides is crucial. What else? Would they stay with you throughout the journey? Well, it depends on how you steer the wheel in the middle of the presentation. And the way you end justifies whether it’s worth…

How to Create Impact with Stories and Visuals

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Spell-binding speeches we remember for life usually have two characteristics. First, the speaker offers memorable stories and second, they illustrate their remarks with great visuals that linger long after their voice has become silent. How do you use these two techniques effectively to create impact in your own presentations? Adding stories to your presentation can help your audience identify with you. People see you as a fellow human being with all the usual trials and triumphs as you go about…

You give PowerPoint a bad name!

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Have you experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’? That horrifying moment when you feel those ugly bullet points on slides might actually come out of the screen and kill you. Or the mind-numbing text on slides might lull you to a sleep never to wake up again. Or the sinking of heart beat knowing that you’ll have to listen to that presenter for another 45 minutes. If you have experienced that death, we are very sorry for you. Now give us an…