Give the Perfect 10/10 “Best Man” Speech!

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It’s the BIG DAY! No, it’s not your wedding. It’s your best buddy’s wedding and you are THE BEST MAN!  That’s a great honor. But with this great honor comes great responsibility. And the biggest and the most terrifying responsibilities of all: you have to give the best man speech! In front of hundreds of guests whose expectations are high. Sky high. You have to make them laugh, then make them cry, tell a story, address the bride, thank the…

Happy Fourth of July: 15 must read patriotic quotes by US Presidents

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Happy Fourth of July!  It’s time for party and time for fireworks, parades, carnivals, picnics, concerts and games. It’s also time to bring out your patriotic colors and sing aloud “God bless America.” Hope you have already made big plans for the extended weekend. If firework-fueled celebrations are on your mind, then the 38th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks is a must see. After 5 years, the greatest annual fireworks show in the country has moved back to the…

Let’s cheer for the ‘Other World Cup’ as loudly as we do for FIFA

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It’s FIFA, FIFA everywhere. In the dining room, in office halls, in newspapers, on social media and on everyone’s mind and lips. Every win and loss, every goal and miss, foul and penalty is the hot topic of discussion. But did you know there is another less famous World Cup? Its players are not celebrities paid in millions; they live on the fringes of society without a job. They do not live in mansions; in fact they don’t even have…

“Because I said so. I’m the Mom” Happy Mother’s Day!

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(Mom in the morning) Get up now , get up now  Get up out of bed  Wash your face , brush your teeth  Comb your sleepy head  Here’s your clothes and your shoes  Hear the words I said  Get up now   Get up and make your bed…  (Mom in the evening) Clean your room  Fold your clothes  Put your stuff away  Make your bed  Do it now  Do we have all day?  Were you born in a barn?  Would…

Earth Day 2014: Is your city ‘Green’?

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Last year, the Earth Day Network celebrated the Earth Day with an inspiring theme “Are you the face of Climate Change.” This year, they have widened the ambit of this theme to go beyond the individual and encompass the city in which we live in. The theme of Earth Day 2014 is thus “Green Cities“. Are you living in a green city? What exactly is a Green City? Is it a city which boasts of the maximum green cover? That…