St. Patrick’s Day: It’s Time To Go Green, Go Irish!

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St. Patrick's Day wishes

Shamrocks, leprechauns, Irish jigs, bagpipes, green beer, and pots of gold at the end of a rainbow… Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day today! And it’s time to become Irish for a day. What better way to explore the culture of foreign lands than by joining in their festive celebrations! The day honors Patron Saint of Ireland Saint Patrick who is credited with bringing Christianity to this island nation. For those who don’t know, Ireland is also known as the “Emerald…

Greet Your Loved Ones With These Gorgeous, Free Diwali e-Greeting Cards!

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Diwali Messages and Greetings 2014

Diwali, the festival of lights, is here again! And it’s time to greet all your loved ones, family and friends, close and the not-so-close relatives, neighbors and practically every aunt and uncle in your town! So, how do you plan to greet so many people in such a short time? Gifts for everyone? Not possible unless you are ready to go bankrupt. Sweets? Definitely a no, no for the health conscious folks. Greeting cards? A very good choice. But so…

Festival Fusion: St. Patrick’s Day and Holi celebrations captured in presentations

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Image Courtesy: Presentation by Nubiagroup Celebrations are bound to be double when two extremely popular festivals come calling on the same day. That is what happened on March 17 this year. The festival of Irish Pride St. Patrick’s Day and the Indian festival of colors Holi coincidentally fell on the same day, making it a double delight in those countries where Irish and Indians are swelling in numbers. Let’s pick up St. Patrick’s Day first. Legend says the festival commemorates…