10 Unfailing Ways to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick This Time!

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new year resolutions ideas and how to keep them

So what’s your New Year resolution this year? Fair enough, I will tell you mine first. Promise you won’t laugh. Alright, it’s to lose belly fat and become fit (I am sure you laughed). So have I hit the gym already? No (I know you laughed harder now). Well, it’s freezing in my part of the country and I am fully determined to start exercising from the next month. My New Year resolution starts from February and for your kind…

How youngsters are using PowerPoint to have it their way!

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Youngsters and PowerPoint

Imagine sitting in front of your computer and watching a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Why you should allow your kid to go to One Direction Concert’? Or why you should allow your child to host a big party at your place? Or why the latest gadget in the store is a must for your kid? Unbelievable right. But this is actually happening in some homes. Parents are now becoming an audience to PowerPoint presentations made by their ‘loving’ children and taking…

“Because I said so. I’m the Mom” Happy Mother’s Day!

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(Mom in the morning) Get up now , get up now  Get up out of bed  Wash your face , brush your teeth  Comb your sleepy head  Here’s your clothes and your shoes  Hear the words I said  Get up now   Get up and make your bed…  (Mom in the evening) Clean your room  Fold your clothes  Put your stuff away  Make your bed  Do it now  Do we have all day?  Were you born in a barn?  Would…