The Cutest Mother’s Day Greeting Ever!

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Happy Mother's Day

Every Mother’s Day you struggle hard to find that perfect way to make your mom feel special. Amber Pommerville, a young mother herself, had the same problem. This is what she did: She wrote a poem for her mother LaRee Olson, collected all the memories captured in family pictures in the form of a slideshow, and decided to get it narrated by her little daughter. After the daughters narration, they closed it with family chorus “We love you Grandma!”. Lucky…

Wishing you a Holy Good Friday & Happy Easter!

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Good Friday Greeting

Many have wondered why Good Friday, which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is termed “good”? What’s good about a day when the Son of God was flogged to death. In a lighter vein, American cartoonist Johnny Hart explains it through his award-winning comic strip B.C. Thor: I hate the term ‘Good Friday.’ Curls: Why? Thor: My Lord was hanged on a tree that day. Curls: If you were going to be hanged on a tree on that day, and…

Greet Your Loved Ones With These Gorgeous, Free Diwali e-Greeting Cards!

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Diwali Messages and Greetings 2014

Diwali, the festival of lights, is here again! And it’s time to greet all your loved ones, family and friends, close and the not-so-close relatives, neighbors and practically every aunt and uncle in your town! So, how do you plan to greet so many people in such a short time? Gifts for everyone? Not possible unless you are ready to go bankrupt. Sweets? Definitely a no, no for the health conscious folks. Greeting cards? A very good choice. But so…

You are the wind beneath my wings. Happy Father’s Day!

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Da Da. Dadadadadadadadada. Imagine the smile on a father’s face when he hears for the first time the child calling out his name. From the moment we learnt to take tiny baby steps, his strong hands gently but firmly held us from falling. When we ran around playing with friends and siblings, he kept a close watch to see we were safe. If we cried over the little bruises on our knees and shoulders, he told us to gracefully accept…