Brilliant, Heart Moving Photographs from World Press Photo Contest 2015

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World Press Photo Contest Winner in Category Nature

Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. Walt Disney Pictures also speak the most powerful language. They can make or break wars, etch themselves in human psyche, become reminders of all things past, capture present reality, and drive change for future. Photographers thus wield a lot of power and its important that their work be recognized and shared to give voice to the voiceless subjects captured in their lens. To appreciate…

The Most Iconic Photographs From The Lens Of Steve McCurry

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Photographer Steve McCurry and his photographs

He’s a photographer, one of the finest the world has seen. His works, spanning over three decades, have won him several international awards. Each moment he captured on his lens had a powerful story to tell- a story of human triumph or a tragedy. He however rose to international fame when he took what would become the most recognized photograph in the world- that of the “Afghan Girl.” Steve McCurry, born April 23, 1950, began his stint at photography with…

Here are 15 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World!

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What a wonderful world! Our lovely planet Earth looks surreal from space (not that I have been there, just see pictures by NASA or the Oscar winning movie Gravity). But trust me, it’s not that bad down here too. Wait till you see some of the wonders of the world that’ll make you exclaim “Wow, do they really exist?”. You bet they do! Take for example Iceland: a wild and beautiful country that offers some of the most beautiful landscapes…