To use or not to use slides for your presentation, that is the question

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To use Presentation Slides or Not

Are you stuck in 21st century Hamletian dilemma ‘To use or not to use slides’ for your next presentation? To help you resolve this mental crisis, here’s a breakup of reasons why you should be or should not be using PowerPoint, Keynote or some other presentation software for your upcoming presentation: Why you should not be using slides: It causes ‘death’: Mind numbing slides overloaded with text, bullet points and tacky clip arts have created a fear psychosis like no…

How to Create a Stunning Facebook Cover Photo in PowerPoint [15 Free Templates Inside]

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is definitely not true for ‘Face’ book. Here first impressions are the last impressions.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a business page or a profile account- cover photo is the first thing that viewers see when they visit your page. You have a great chance pulling in a lot of ‘Follows’ or ‘Likes’ if your cover photo is something that others just can’t take their eyes off. But that is easier…

[Free Webinar] Robert Lane is back with never-shared-before presentation technique “Speaking Visually”

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Get ready to have your pre-conceived notions challenged! On April 18, 2014, founder of Aspire Communications Robert Lane is back with a one-hour FREE webinar “Speaking Visually”, promising users that this won’t be your typical “How to do a better PowerPoint webinar”. It is going to be a mindset change.Yes, Robert Lane is going to share insights on a never-shared-before PowerPoint technique that thousands of speakers across US are now quietly adopting with great success. It is called “Speaking Visually”…