How to Embed a YouTube Video in Powerpoint using authorSTREAM Desktop

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Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint Presentation

Adding YouTube or Vimeo videos to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to ‘Show’ what you want to ‘Tell’. Videos also greatly enhance the multimedia-rich experience of a slideshow. How do you add videos to your PowerPoint presentation? Do you copy-paste the video URL in your presentation? That is pretty outdated now. Besides, there’s a danger here. Viewers are directed to YouTube and there’s no resisting the temptation to watch more videos. Oops, you just lost your viewer to…

You give PowerPoint a bad name!

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Have you experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’? That horrifying moment when you feel those ugly bullet points on slides might actually come out of the screen and kill you. Or the mind-numbing text on slides might lull you to a sleep never to wake up again. Or the sinking of heart beat knowing that you’ll have to listen to that presenter for another 45 minutes. If you have experienced that death, we are very sorry for you. Now give us an…

6 stories that can do wonders to your presentation

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Image Credit: Built up on Hogwarts Express by Tim Parkinson “People remember how you made them feel, not what you said to them. They remember STORIES,“ says Maria Pantalone, the founder of Infinite Growth and an experienced coach. In her one-hour free webinar “The Power of a Story”, Maria shared six different types of stories that you can use to create a best-selling presentation.   If you missed the session, no worries, you can view recording of the live webinar by…

‘Get Those Darned Bullet Points Off Your Slides’

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Consider this: “Would you pay good money to watch a movie that has 2 hours of bullet points? Would you go to YouTube and watch clips that have only bullet points? And would you play a videogame that has bullet points?If we expect entertainment in all these forms of visual media, why the double standard for PowerPoint which is just another visual medium?”Robert Lane, the founder of Aspire Communications, strongly hammered the need for overhauling the presentation environment during his one-hour…

Bring your slides to life with Animated GIFs

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Image: © Nevit Dilmen found at Wikimedia commons Enter the virtual world of Animated GIFs. They are witty. They are fun. They are crazy. And they are alive and kicking.  If you were an early entry to World Wide Web (Web 1.0 of 90s), you would probably remember seeing those notorious blinking under construction signs, waving american flags and prowling dinosaurs. If you are part of the new generation of Web 2.0 users, you would have probably stumbled upon short, video…