Better authorSTREAM Slides

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You’ve delivered one of your best presentations, and the audience wants you to share the slides. Yes, you can share those slides – there’s nothing in those slides that cannot be shown to the entire world? And yet, you don’t want others to get your actual deck, just in case someone edits your slides and uses them elsewhere? Does that matter? Well, it does seem to matter to so many people. Are you one of them? Slide upload sites like…

The 9 Best Presentations of 2014 You Have To Watch!

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Best presentations of the year 2014 on authorSTREAM

Woohoo! I had a great time this year surfing through hundreds of presentations on authorSTREAM. The Oscars, Cannes, FIFA Football World Cup, US Midterm Elections, Public Speaking Tips…there were so many amazing slideshows to watch. Luckily, all the best presentations from around the world are showcased every day on authorSTREAM featured section. Each presentation has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster presentation. Good content. Check. Beautiful design. Again check. Inspiring, informative and entertaining- check, check, check! Since it’s the year…

7 Industry Leading Advertising Appeals To Create Viral Presentations

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Ideas for Presentation Slide Design

Right at the outset, I would like to tell you that the post covers advertising industry’s best practices that have shaped all advertising and made it as powerful a force as it has become today. And the same can be applied to your presentations (Content and Design) to make them go viral over the web… So, here’s the moment of truth- Your presentation is an advertisement. And it has to be as good as a TV commercial or a print…

Check out the awesome, new collection of PowerPoint Templates, Diagrams on authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace

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PowerPoint Templates and Diagrams on authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace

Are you looking for cool PowerPoint Templates to create a professional looking presentation? Look no further. authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace has the largest collection of professionally designed PowerPoint Templates and Diagrams at the most discounted prices. Why choose authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace: Features over 60,000+ professional presentation templates 80+ categories like Business, Medical, Education, etc. covered Allows multiple vendors to upload and sell their professional designs It’s the only open marketplace in the templates industry. Heavy discounts and offers offered throughout the…

7 Key Resources for Free Images: It’s time to make your Presentations Sizzling Hot

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Visuals are now an essential part of our presentations. Regrettably, we still get to see all kinds of cluttered and blurred images in the slides. The reason why people use these images is high price of HD images which cost more than a small business or start-up can afford. So, what can you do to make your presentation sizzling hot if you cannot pay for high quality images? The answer is that you should have a virtual rolodex of go-to…