12 Presentation Design Secrets Revealed: Say Goodbye to Ugly Slideshows!

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12 Presentation Design Secrets byt the Experts

The debate on what constitutes a good design is an endless one. Is it just about looks? Or is it the functional aspect that’s more important here. Any professional designer will tell you it has to be a seamless combination of both. An eye candy design with little value in the presentation content is much like buying a book that had an awesome cover but was a big disappointment when read. The audience in both cases feel cheated. A content…

To Hell With Those UGLY Slides! Make Way for Beautiful Ones

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Designing beautiful presentation slides

Alright, by now you must have read several blogs on how you desperately need to switch from text-heavy, bullet-ridden, clip art-infested…in short from one UGLY presentation to a ‘beautiful’ presentation. “Wait. I make beautiful presentations. I put so much hard work into it,” is what’s going on in your mind, right? Sorry to break your heart but you’re wrong. If half your audience is dozing off to sleep while the rest are playing with their smartphones, you have failed at…

PowerPoint Slide Design: How Simple is Too Simple?

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Presenters often find themselves in a fix when choosing a design for their next presentation. “Should we keep it simple and clean with a soothing background color and company logo in the footer or should we make it colorful and dynamic like an infographic?” “When does simple become too simple?” Do you face this dilemma too? Perhaps this wonderful discussion initiated by Sukhpreet Kaur, SEO Specialist at BirdBrain Logic, in our LinkedIn group authorSTREAM Present Better would help you dissipate…

Are you committing these 7 deadly sins of presentation design?

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Ever stumbled across an amazingly designed presentation and used it with minor modifications without giving credit? Copycat! Ever used a breathtaking visual in your presentation without taking author’s permission or giving due credit? Caught you! And ever found yourself browsing one beautiful presentation after another wishing that it was yours? Hey, we are guilty on this count too! So, let us begin with a confession. As a presentation designer, we all have sinned. And we are not talking about petty…

7 Deadly Sins of Presentation Design: Free webinar by Empowered Presentations

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Hey folks,After 2 rocking webinars: How to Create Rockstar Presentations and Presentation ROI – Is it worth the investment, the founder and president of Empowered Presentations Yancey Unequivocally is back with another online webinar. This time, she is all set to empower you as a designer and save you from committing 7 deadly presentation design sins that are sure to doom any presentation.So what are these 7 sins? Trust us, we’re as curious to know as you are. Yancey will…