7 Presentation Lessons from Outdoor Advertising You Just Can’t Afford to Miss!

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Presentation Tips from Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is so powerful it can endanger your life! If you ever found your hands on the wheel but eyes stuck to a billboard while driving, you know what I am talking about. Don’t you wish your presentations could have that arresting effect on your viewers. We all do, and though we cannot display our presentations in mammoth billboard sizes, we can still incorporate some of the best ingredients that make outdoor advertising such a success in our presentations.…

Shut Up Saying These 15 Nasty Phrases in Your Presentation!

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Nasty phrases to avoid in a presentation

“And uhhh, It is ahhh, I think it is a, I think it is, It is…” “Uhhh, you’ll be able to uhhh, You’ll be able to uhhh, see a technology, uhhh, a technology that will uhhh, that will enable you to uhhh, that will enable you to…” Before you start cursing me, let me make it clear that I have not deliberately framed these lines simply to make a point. These are the words coming from the most powerful man…

The 9 Best Presentations of 2014 You Have To Watch!

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Best presentations of the year 2014 on authorSTREAM

Woohoo! I had a great time this year surfing through hundreds of presentations on authorSTREAM. The Oscars, Cannes, FIFA Football World Cup, US Midterm Elections, Public Speaking Tips…there were so many amazing slideshows to watch. Luckily, all the best presentations from around the world are showcased every day on authorSTREAM featured section. Each presentation has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster presentation. Good content. Check. Beautiful design. Again check. Inspiring, informative and entertaining- check, check, check! Since it’s the year…

8 Annoying Audiences Ready to Beat the Hell Out Of Your Presentation!

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Type of anoying audience in a presentation

Quick. Which is the most annoying character you faced while giving a presentation? Is it that brat chewing gum and bursting bubbles? Or the one busy texting on his cellphone and grinning to some naughty reply? Or one that puts even those two to shame! I have faced many such annoying characters in my presentation career. Let me briefly share one such annoying character I encountered.  

5 Types of Annoying Presenters and Their Annoying Habits

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Types of Annoying Presenters and their Habits

“Why is this presenter shouting?” “Why is he moving his hands so much?” “That is such a fake smile?” I know it’s terrible to judge others. Anyone who has stepped on the stage knows how much courage it takes to deliver a 15-20 minute presentation. But let’s step in the audience shoes. Their entire attention is on you and your presentation and if you do a shoddy job with it, they have every right to ‘judge.’ So where do we…