Here Are The Investors Who Can Help Your Business Take Off!

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Types of investors for businesses and startups

Money makes the world go round. And when you are a startup looking for investors to finance your idea or product, you realize it’s big money that will make your business go round. But where does this money come from? Family and friends? Big risk. It’s not just financial risk that’s at stake here but emotional risk too. Besides, raising millions of dollars is just out of the question. Venture Capitalists then? Great idea but chances are only 1 in…

8 Essential Social Media Tips for Your Start-up

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“Social Media is like herding cats; you need lots of treats, patience and a thick skin to handle all the scratches.” – Anonymous Image Courtesy: Presentation by National Entrepreneurship Network For those who do it day in and day out know that Social Media Marketing is like walking a tightrope. You not only have to bring more and more likes, followers, or +1s on your page but also engage social users in a way that brings value for your business.  If you…

‘Don’t know how, I want it now’. Customer Service is now Social and Instant

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23.1 million people discover new brands or products through social media 17.8 million people are strongly influenced in their purchase decisions by opinions in social media 15.1 million people refer to social media before making purchase decisions 59 per cent consumers would switch brands for better service 50 per cent consumers give a business only a week to respond to an issue before dropping them Social media is changing how we connect to the world around us. Given the pace…