15 Anti-Procrastination Tips for You & Me!

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Dogs and Procrastinators

Am I suffering from procrastination like this cute dog? “I’ll leave it to you to decide, but only if you have the time.” 10:00 AM: An hour after I checked into my office, I have successfully managed to check my Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, and Google+ notifications. It’s time to start writing an article. But what should I write on? Let’s surf some good presentations on authorSTREAM. 11:00 AM: Yes! I am going to write on procrastination.…

Give the Perfect 10/10 “Best Man” Speech!

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It’s the BIG DAY! No, it’s not your wedding. It’s your best buddy’s wedding and you are THE BEST MAN!  That’s a great honor. But with this great honor comes great responsibility. And the biggest and the most terrifying responsibilities of all: you have to give the best man speech! In front of hundreds of guests whose expectations are high. Sky high. You have to make them laugh, then make them cry, tell a story, address the bride, thank the…

The Ultimate Technique to Emphasize Keywords in PowerPoint

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What do you do to make the Most Important Word in your PowerPoint slide stand out?  Make it bold? Change the font? Give it a different color? Gigantic font size? Sure these will serve that purpose too. But do you want to try something different this time? Something audiences haven’t seen? Then here is an amazing technique to try out for your next presentation (It’s pretty simple and you’ll be surprised you didn’t know how to do this all this…

[Free Webinar] Robert Lane is back with never-shared-before presentation technique “Speaking Visually”

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Get ready to have your pre-conceived notions challenged! On April 18, 2014, founder of Aspire Communications Robert Lane is back with a one-hour FREE webinar “Speaking Visually”, promising users that this won’t be your typical “How to do a better PowerPoint webinar”. It is going to be a mindset change.Yes, Robert Lane is going to share insights on a never-shared-before PowerPoint technique that thousands of speakers across US are now quietly adopting with great success. It is called “Speaking Visually”…