14 Romantic Movie Quotes That Will Melt Your Valentine’s Heart

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Valentines Day Quotes

Love is in the air. It’s more than what your lungs can intake. And even though all this love oxygen might be enough to set love juices flowing in your veins, it barely reaches the grey cells of your brain. Words often fail the most romantic souls on Valentine’s Day and love birds blurt out the most ‘loveless’ words that neither impress the soul nor the beloved’s heart. Are you scratching your head wondering what to say to your sweetheart?…

Are You Picking the Perfect Rose For Your Loved One?

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meaning of different roses and how to chose them to gift

Rose. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” the great Shakespeare said. Agreed. But there’s a lot in the color of a rose (and in the number of roses you gift). Not all roses are red and not all carry the same meaning. You would have never given much thought to the language of roses while gifting a bouquet to your friend, proposing your loved one, or giving it…