I am Bored! I Need a Solution for this Boredom

I am bored. We are bored!

Boredom is something we all face in our day-to-day lives; be it at work, in class or on a slow weekend, we need something to stop being bored. Now, the Internet is probably the best tool to fight this terrible occurrence in our lives, mainly because there are so many things on the net that can entertain us. From video sharing sites like YouTube to networking sites like Facebook, people now a days are wasting hour upon hour on these sites, why? Because we’re bored!

Fighting Boredom

But I have good news; we can now fight boredom a new way, with PowerPoints! I know you must think I am crazy because PowerPoint is typically synonymous with boring class slideshows, but that’s not the case. I have found a lot of cool, entertaining and fun presentations to pass the time. There are PowerPoint slideshows with beautiful pictures of scenery, people and events, which are so engaging that you loose track of time altogether.

They are the kind of pictures that make you stop and say “…how did he snap that?” or “that can’t be real!” These PowerPoints will make you laugh, and some that will maybe even make you think. I encourage anyone reading this to try searching authorSTREAM and NOT find something funny, interesting or just plain cool, it won’t happen.

Presentations to keep boredom at bay

I found a lot of great PowerPoint presentations, here’s some of my favorites.

By Abbott

By nitin

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