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HIV/AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases, and important topics in the world. Much like Global warming, Bird Flu and poverty, HIV/AIDS is something that threatens the whole of human civilization. Today, I have found a very informative and influential PowerPoint on authorSTREAM entitled “The Globalization of HIV” by Regina Faber.
This PPT does an excellent job of showcasing facts and information in a plain and easy to read format. It has a strong focus on specific countries like: India, South Africa and Zambia, however, the PPT remains an overall good description of the current HIV/AIDS situation around the world.

I like this PowerPoint presentation for a few reasons; firstly, it deals with a real issue with no obstructions, it gets straight to the point. Second, the quotes used I find are very impactful and leave a memorable impression. My favorite quote is used when discussing Africa:

“…200,000 people…died in 1998 as a result of armed conflict…yet 2 million Africans were killed by AIDS in that same year”

A powerful quote that details the seriousness of Africa’s situation. Thirdly, the PPT at the very end discussed something called “HIV-2”, a different strain of HIV/AIDS that I, personally, was unaware of. I proceeded after the presentation was done to Google this HIV-2 disease and began to learn more about the issue. I think the PPT was done very well, and it made me take a closer look at the present situation.

In closing, I don’t think this PPT gives the whole story, I think there is probably more. However, I think this is a good start for all of us to re-examine this issue and learn more.

Here’s the presentation:

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