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PowerPoint presentations have traditionally been used in either a classroom or business setting. However, I wish to acknowledge an exceptional PowerPoint that was done in Mrs. Welch’s classroom. The PPT is about ‘Life in Colonial America’ and the most interesting part of this presentation is that it was created and narrated by a group of young and talented kids.

I think it is clear from listening, these kids are just starting to learn how to read and this project was designed to assist Mrs. Welch students in doing just that. It appears the children: researched about colonial America, created a sentence or two describing a part of the history, drew their own PowerPoint slide and then narrated it.

This PowerPoint demonstrates the tremendous use PPTs have in the classroom. The children learnt about a subject in a fun, creative way and at the same time were exposed PowerPoint and computers. I think Mrs. Welch did a great job with this project and I’m sure her students learned a lot.

I hope Mrs. Welch emailed this link to the parents of the kids because I think this is an excellent way of demonstrating to parents what the children learn. Hopefully, teachers are reading this post or watching this presentation and thinking of their own ways to implement PPTs in their classroom. As Mrs. Welch demonstrated it can be done at all levels of education.

Here’s Mrs. Welch’s Class Presentation:

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