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authorSTREAM’s brand new feature allows users the ability to convert PowerPoint files into video format. Simply, upload your PPT file onto the authorSTREAM website and click the video download icon to the right of the viewing screen and download. Once the file is downloaded, it will be in YouTube friendly format and can then be uploaded onto YouTube and other video sharing websites directly. If you wish to view the presentation on a video player, you may have to download a special codec. However, this depends on which media player is used. Here’s a presentation on using this feature on authorSTREAM:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by DaveGrewal

This new element to PowerPoint now gives way to numerous applications; from Business to education, tourism to entertainment, the possibilities are endless. I ask all those reading this to think of innovative ways of using this new feature, and let us discuss.

Here are some of my ideas:

• Upload PPTs on YouTube and other video sharing sites like Teacher Tube, Yahoo Video etc. for greater distribution and reach
• Video files can be played on more devices than PPT files can. Therefore, BlackBerrys, cell phones and other hand-held devices could play your PowerPoint presentation if converted to appropriate video formats compatible with these devices.
• Some computers may not be able to play PPT files but they can play video files, this means presentations can now be viewed on more computers
• Teachers, can’t get the projector? Use a TV to present PowerPoint presentations by converting the file into video format and burning to a DVD or video CD. Of course, we have to keep in mind that the video file needs to be in appropriate video formats before we can go ahead with these ideas.

I know there are more so go ahead, jump in and post a reply!

Dave Grewal

Update: Now send your presentations direct to YouTube without downloading! Here’s some buzz and more information about this service: Transfer presentations to YouTube

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the limit size in MB or the limit in length of minutes would be?

  2. authorstream has satisfied a popular demand here. There are not a lot of reliable software application that can convert your power point presentations into video, a feature which is greatly appreciated. Another way of using this feature is to distribute your PPT presentation to multiple video sites in order to get excellent exposure. People love videos nowadays.

  3. This is an amazing feature, you get actually to download in any format, send to YouTube, share on Facebook or your blog… PPT are quite popular, with this video conversion, it becomes more attractive as a teaching platform…

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