PPT to iPod – Free on authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM has a new PPT to iPod (free) feature for converting PowerPoint files to iPod/iPhone friendly formats.

This presentation highlights some of the features and uses:

The following are some benefits of the PPT to iPod service:

Teaching Professionals:

1- Share presentations with students. Allow students to listen and observe class presentations, projects or lectures from the convenience of their iPod.

2- Before a speech at a conference, academic meeting or class, iPod’s PowerPoint application gives the ability to review and practise easily without a computer.

3- authorSTREAM’s PPT to iPod service enables teachers to keep students up to date outside of the classroom; whether they are on vacation or sick in bed.

Business Professionals:

1- Business meetings and client visits are meant to be short and result oriented. Increase the efficiency and the quality of your appointments by showing your commercials or catalogues to your clients on your iPod.

2- Team meetings at times can be inefficient and slow, especially if there is only a single computer screen to view and present information on. authorSTREAM recommends the use of iPods to allow various information to be shown simultaneously, on more devices.

3- Business conferences are an important event, it presents the opportunity to interact with clients and build new partnerships. authorSTREAM advices business professionals to review key points on their iPods before hand to enhance networking skills and build confidence.


1- Students can upload and study for an important exam on the go, away from a computer. No longer will students waste precious cram time on a long bus ride or walk home. Students can study what they want, when you want, without bulky laptops or slow school computers.

2- Students can upload projects and homework onto their iPod and not have to go through the hassle of emailing it to themselves.

3- Easily show a PowerPoint presentation to others; collect feedback from teachers, friends and colleagues, and improve your PowerPoint.

4- Use iPods for entertainment by sharing fun and amusing PowerPoint presentations that you can find off the authorSTREAM website.

5- During group meetings PowerPoint information can been added, deleted or altered. authorSTEAM suggests students distribute new PowerPoint files to members on iPod’s to reduce the chance of confusion and misinformation.

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  1. This presentation tells us WHY YouTube and iPod distribution is beneficial…

    Now, can you please tell us HOW to get our uploaded presentations on YouTube and iTunes, or onto portable media players like the iPod?

    That’s the bit of info I cannot seem to find!

    I’ve already uploaded a narrated PowerPoint presentation to authorSTREAM — awesome service — but HOW do teachers, et. al. tell their students to download it to their portable media devices? And HOW can I post it at YouTube?

    All the best! And thank you!

  2. OH!

    I get it now — I might have to wait a few hours for the download buttons to show up!

    That’s fair enough!

    Sorry, I didn’t see that note earlier, and was going batty looking for the download button!

    I’ll come back for it soon…


  3. Thanks for your interest Laura,

    We will be making a series of how-to presentations, which Dave Grewal (the author of this blog post and presentation) shall post here shortly.

    Yes you are right; it takes a while for the download buttons to show up–sometimes hours–depending upon server load, presentation content etc. So, if your presentation has rehearsed timings, it will get converted to iPod and video formats.

    For uploading to YouTube

    Depending on browser, you might get a “save as” response when you click the download icon, in which case, you can simply specify the download location and retrieve the video file from there and upload to YouTube. Otherwise, you would have to right-click on the video icon and choose “save target as” or “save link as” and give a location.

    For iTunes, you can:

    1. Click on the podcast RSS icon and it will open up your iTunes if it is installed on your system. You can click on the black “>” arrow in the “Podcasts” window to open it up in a drop-down list and download the presentation podcasts that you want by clicking on “Get”. This might not work in some scenarios depending upon certain variables. In that case, you can go on to the second option:

    2. Right-click on the podcast RSS icon and copy the ITPC link. It starts like this link: itpc://www.authorstream.com… Go to your iTunes and click on the “Advanced” tab. Choose “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter the copied URL. The feed will show in the “Podcasts” section of your iTunes library. Again, you would need to open a drop-down list by clicking on the black “>”. To get your favorite presentation podcast, just click on “Get” and it will be downloaded to your iTunes. When the download is complete, you can upload it to your iPod by synching with iTunes.

    Hope this is helpful,
    Jagdeep Singh Pannu
    for authorSTREAM

  4. Got it! Totally easy!

    I posted my authorSTREAM presentation at YouTube — it was a snap once the icons showed up. (iTunes, too!)

    Very nice service — I posted a positive review at my blog.

    Thanks again…

  5. Does anybody know a program that allows power point to 1) be viewed on iPhone/iTouch with embeded video?


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