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Today’s post is concerning space, as in outer space and to quote Mr. Jean-Luc Picard the ‘final frontier’. Space is a unique and interesting topic because we know so little about it. We get all these TV shows and movies that tease us as to the wonders of space, but do any of us really know what space looks like. Without the glitz and glamour of Hollywood (or Bollywood, depending where you’re from), space is more different and beautiful than we can possibly imagine.

How do I know this?

Because I ran into a PPT a few days ago showcasing pictures from the Hubble Space telescope that captured amazing pictures of space “stuff”. Now, recalling the space unit from grade 5, I realize these are pictures of galaxies, solar systems, stars, supernovas and gas giants. Somewhere, somehow an astronomer is either laughing at me or shaking their head in disgust as I’m sure I didn’t get some of those terms right.

But that’s just it; I don’t know what these pictures are but I cannot help but to be fascinated with the diversity and color. This PowerPoint presentation does a great job of demonstrating the wonders of the universe and stirring up interest for astronomy and space exploration by capturing the pictures and showcasing them on a full screen. Watching them on full screen is really the only way to watch a presentation like this.

With 54 pictures on this PPT, I watched every single slide and wished to see more. Soon after watching it I went on, a website that is devoted to the Hubble telescope, and I began to learn more. It was very cool and I encourage everyone reading this to check out the site or any site related to space exploration and research.

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