Technology Trends in Society

I will start with a few questions:

How has new technology affected you, the average person, in your day-to-day life?
In the past year, what new invention or creation has changed the way you do things?
Which ones can you now…not do without?

These questions are harder to answer then one might think. I ask these questions because of this PowerPoint presentation I have discovered has made me curious. The PPT’s name is “Technology Trends for 2007” and essentially highlights the new advancements of this past year, 2007. This PPT brings attention to many forms of technology that I use everyday. Now, these are ‘inventions’ or ‘tools’ that I cannot believe did not exist before, as if I cannot imagine a life without them!

I like to draw special attention to the mention of “TV on Demand…” slide, which demonstrates a tool I must say, I have used extensively. Free movies and TV shows online! but before 2007 or even 2006 things like this were not possible. Before, I couldn’t watch “Rush Hour 3” at home, in bed, while it was still in theatres… and to me… that’s weird.

I think it is weird that I find that weird :S

This is why I find it fascinating that new forms of technology like free online movies or listening to music on my cell has become so quickly accepted as norm in society. Now, this PPT won’t knock your socks off in terms of content, but I want you to think about the deeper meaning behind this and ask yourself harder questions:

How many have been added?
How easily have they been absorbed into society?
How long till something will be added onto it or make it obsolete?

I again, do not know the answers or where they lead, I just like to pose them for others to ponder and hopefully respond to.

Here’s the presentation:

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