authorSTREAM Removes all Size Constraints to Upload PPT files

PowerPoint files too big? – we have now eliminated all size requirements to upload PPT files on authorSTREAM. We found that our users love to use animations, graphics, pictures and audio narrations to create amazing presentations, but the other side of the picture is that these add-ons also increase the size of a PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, we have extended the file-size limit to upload presentations from 30 MB to 1 GB on authorSTREAM, to better serve our users.

We now fully encourage all users to go ahead and add as many pictures, graphics, animation and narrations onto their presentations as they wish. We are committed to make authorSTREAM a strong and versatile website that continues to grow and expand it’s capabilities.

However, if users are still wary about the size of their PPT files, we suggest using authorPOINT lite with authorSTREAM


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