Does Online Presentation Sharing Provide a Full Experience?

Will your presentation have the same impact online?

You worked for more than five hours to create a great slide show with the right animation effects, music and timings. Now it’s time to share your spectacular work with your friends, students, offices located in different parts of the world. Still doing it the conventional way and sending your 40 Mb presentation as an attachment with email? Probably the fear of loosing animations, sound and timings is not letting you try online PowerPoint sharing websites.

authorSTREAM – Nothing changes online!

Why would you use Power Point if you don’t require animations, sound and automatic timings? You could rather share a document or PDF. authorSTREAM understands that sharing a PowerPoint presentation online should be exactly the same as you are watching a PPT on your computer within PowerPoint. authorSTREAM is the solution that addresses all such issues.

What makes authorSTREAM different?

  • Animation, sound, timings etc are retained in the output.
  • Your narrated or rehearsed presentations are also converted to video formats (video for iPod, video for YouTube).
  • Unlike other presentation sharing websites, authorSTREAM doesn’t encourage inappropriate content. You can flag any such content anytime by clicking mark as inappropriate.
  • Full screen in embeds replicates Power Point slide-shows on the Web just as they were meant to be.
  • authorPOINT Lite – a free desktop tool to support hassle-free conversion and uploads.

Here’s a presentation that gives an overview on why you should use authorSTREAM to share your presentations online:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by DaveGrewal

We are constantly working to add lots of new features to authorSTREAM. Jump in with your wish list right here in the comments or send us mail at .

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