Embedded Audio, Transition Sounds, Office 2007 now Supported

We announce the following new features on authorSTREAM for PowerPoint presentations:

* Support for Microsoft Office 2007 – authorSTREAM now accepts .pptx and .ppsx PowerPoint file extensions.
* Embedded audio (.wav) in slides is now supported
* Transition sounds (.wav) are now supported
* Hyperlinks are now click-able in slides
* Easy slide changing by clicking in either half of the slide for previous and next options, without getting in the way of hyperlinks.

Here’s a presentation showing the above:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by madize

Known Issues

One issue that we have faced (in the Firefox browser) and are working upon is a lag in audio-play in slides, which contain a heavy audio file. The mouse cursor also sometimes disappears as the slide-audio is loading. In the presentation above, the 4th slide contains an embedded audio (.wav) file, which works fine in Internet Explorer but could sometimes not work smoothly in Firefox.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us. If you face any issues with our new features, please post a comment here and we will look into it.

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