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PPT games and quizzes

We made some changes in the player to make it more interactive and more fun. With this new feature you can use hyperlinks within the presentation as navigation. It can be used, for example, to make a quiz or test as shown below, or other games. Here is a sample quiz:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by TechGuy

Presentation Downloads

Also, we get many questions concerning the downloading of presentations. We have enhanced the message on the presentation pages to make it less confusing. Before, if the user uploaded a presentation as non-downloadable there was no information shown about downloading. Now you can see a presentation icon in grey which gives this hint on-mouse over: “The user has not allowed download for this file. You can contact the owner of this presentation through the comments section”.

Video/iPod format enhancements

We enhanced the video/iPod function as it now can play transition sounds in the video/iPod format. Before, transition sounds sometimes did not work well. Please note that the old presentations won’t change as they are already compiled with the “old version”. You can request for recompilation on support at authorstream.com.

If you have any suggestions please share with us as we would like to enhance authorSTREAM as you like it! Leave a comment here or send mail to support at authorstream.com

Tamas Toth


Geetesh has made an excellent interactive presentation, which he shared in a comment on this post; we are embedding it right here:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by indezine_powerpoint

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  1. Thanks for this feature — I guess we used it to optimum advantage on this presentation: Classroom — scroll down that page, and you’ll see an authorSTREAM embed.

    I need to add here that we tested the same presentation with SlideShare and SlideBoom as well — and they were not able to do a proper conversion.

  2. these suck i can make real ppt game where you have to evade real moving enemies wth the mouse and if u touch them u die!! i can also make keys that u click on and it opens a door. Hah see how u like that?

  3. the video is really kool but the views of different people vary from people to people.
    it just because of the variation in thinking and the knowledge and the major thing that exert and influence to do something is the motivational factor…
    there are different games that are used to enhance the capability and the concentration power of the people.
    as far as my knowledge is concern about the games that are the main source of making yourself as healthy as you desire…

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