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Share PowerPoint on YouTube

Today we took another big step for sharing your presentation online with your friends and your channel viewers! We would like to announce a new feature, with which you can directly upload your presentations to YouTube!

Please notice that just the presentations with rehearsed timing can be uploaded on YouTube. Background music, sound or animations are not a must, but they are highly recommended as videos look best with sound.

How to share your presentation on YouTube?

It’s just a few clicks away from YouTube. After the conversion is ready, you will see a new icon in the ‘My Uploaded Presentations’ page. Click on “Send to YouTube”:

As you click on it, a small window will appear for logging in to your YouTube account. authorSTREAM does not have access to your YouTube account, nor does YouTube receive any personal information about you from authorSTREAM.

After logging into your account, you will get another window with instructions and you are one more click away! Just click “Send Now”.

Just wait a few seconds to see your presentation on your YouTube account!

How does it help authors?

  • Wider reach: YouTube is the biggest video sharing site, where niche communities and interest groups are active. You can send your presentation to YouTube, join these groups and share your presentations within these groups. Your presentations now have a wider reach.
  • True Conversion: Presentations are all about a special message on a selected topic. authorSTREAM provides a video output from your presentations retaining narrations, effects etc, which provides the same look and feel online as you would see it on your desktop. So authors have an easy way of sharing their presentations on YouTube, without loosing any effects, sounds etc.
  • Direct transfer: Presentations from authorSTREAM can be transferred server-to-server without the need to download to your desktop first. This makes the process fast and saves time.

We hope that you will like this new feature, if you face any problem, please contact us at

Enjoy sharing!

Tamas Laszlo Toth
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  1. When you go to the website, there is no youtube button or link – am I daft, or is someone playing a trick !!! Hours of fiddling around and a brickwall ! Anyone know anything about this elusive button !!

  2. Well, Yasuni, the first thing you should make sure, is that the PPT you uploaded had rehearsal timing since the time you created it on PowerPoint. If it was saved with rehearsal timings, then the Youtube Icon will appear in the PPT options panel.

    If you haven’t saved it with Rehearsal timing, then please do it and upload it again.

    After that, just need to click on Youtube icon in the bottom right side of the panel. and then, a small window will appear, asking your Youtube ID and Password. You enter them and then it comes another small window that says some instructions. Just click on “send now” and that’s it.

    It is pretty easy. Give it a try and you will see this time it will work

  3. I also feel stupid because I do not see the Youtube icon. I uploaded with narrations. Do I need to go back and add rehearsal timings? I thought the narrations was enough since I had to time the presentation as I went through it. Help!

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