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Guest Presentation Upload

authorSTREAM has launched today a new feature which allows you to upload presentations without having to register. With “Guest Upload”, you can upload PowerPoint presentations as a guest but have access only to a limited set of features, which you can extend later if you get registered and signed into your account. But the real advantage is that you can instantly upload a presentation without signing up and get the URL or embed code to share it in your blog.

In order to get your presentation transfered into your account, you would need to register yourself on authorSTREAM using the same computer/browser, from which you uploaded the presentation as a guest. Also, if you erased the cookies in your browser or you are using a different brower/computer, then your presentations will not be automatically credited into your account. But you need not worry, if your cookies have been erased or you are registering from a different computer; you can always use the “guest pass code”. What is this pass code? Read on..

The Guest Pass Code

After each presentation you upload, you will receive a “guest pass code”, which will be very useful when you come back to the authorSTREAM webpage later to register and add the uploaded presentation to your existing account. In such case, you would have to enter the guest pass code by clicking on the “Claim your guest presentations” link, provided on the “My Uploaded Presentations” page .

What are the limitations of a “Guest User” account?

Firstly, all the presentations you upload will be available in public, none of them in private; so guest users cannot mark a presentation as “Private”. Some other services not available to guest users:

  • Download other users’ presentations
  • Present Live
  • Send to YouTube
  • My Presentations Widget
  • See/upload Private Presentations
  • Import contacts
  • Get e-mail notifications

So if you are tied up for time and need to upload your presentations quickly, simply use the guest upload feature and retain the unique pass code. You can always come back and register to claim your presentations.

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