authorSTREAM on Facebook upgrade!

Along with the new and faster authorSTREAM website, we are happy to announce another good news.

Our development team has made the “authorSTREAM Application” on Facebook easier to share and more vivid in content. More PPT slides are available on the authorSTREAM application and whenever you share any of them on your Facebook Profile, your friends can view directly on the page with one single click.

Take a close look at the slides below

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by Stan

Stanley You

About Author
authorSTREAM Team

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  1. What is the step between the second and the third slide? How do I “share”? Where is that button/link on authorstream application on facebook? I cannot seem to find the share thing…

  2. Hi Dr. Cem,

    You would need to simply click on a presentation and use the “Share with facebook friends” option on the right side of the presentation player. When you click on the + sign, a new window opens up with sharing options; you can choose from one of the tabs “Send a Message” or “Post to Profile” and click on “Post”


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