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There are thousands of really talented authors uploading authentic ideas in presentations on authorSTREAM, but today we have found a really special one – a PPT about Shoes!

Indezine has made this really detailed PPT slideshow to demonstrate how complicated a pair of shoes can be 🙂 and yes, as complicated as 37 slides. But we guarantee that by the time you finish going through this interactive tutorial, you will have mastered all the various parts of a shoe and can confidently quiz your colleagues on it. Be sure to click on the shoes and links within – this is an interactive presentation:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by indezine_powerpoint

Such presentations can be an excellent demonstration or interactive tutorial especially for kids, we sincerely hope to see more presentations like this on authorSTREAM. If you think your PPT is as good, please do let us know, we will surely feature it.

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