How to Create Rehearsed PowerPoint Presentations

Making rehearsed PowerPoint presentations

Any good performance needs a rehearsal. The same is applicable to technical performances as well. One such option is making rehearsed Power Point presentations. Anyone using PowerPoint knows that every slide needs a different timing. This can be achieved in a simple yet effective way called rehearsing the presentation.

When the presentation is rehearsed, the slide transition is automatic and timed by the creator. But while rehearsing a presentation, the creator has to keep in mind the average reading speed of viewers. The timing should be appropriate in the sense that it should not just flash past or move at a snail’s pace. Otherwise a rehearsed presentation is going to mar the effect of the presentation. It will be inefficacious in conveying the creator’s message.

So anyone desirous of using this neat tool, has to be mindful about its banes as well. Not that once you rehearse a presentation it cannot be re-done. You can re–do it any number of times, till you feel satisfied. But the end product has to be effectively portrayed. It would be best to display it using a rehearsed presentation.

Share your PPTs anywhere with authorSTREAM if rehearsed

Once your presentation is rehearsed you can get advanced sharing options on authorSTREAM. Consider this:

You have made a wonderful presentation that you wish to share with others. You would probably send it as a mail attachment. We know that it’s a bandwidth-intensive process often resulting in errors both at the sender’s end and the mail recipient’s. Simply upload your presentation to authorSTREAM and share the link with your friends. Now rehearsing the presentation has an added benefit on authorSTREAM. The presentation is also converted to iPod compatible MP4 or M4V video formats. And for that you have to pay …….. NOTHING! So go right ahead and share anywhere with authorSTREAM. Check out this presentation on the HOWs and WHYs of making and uploading rehearsed presentations on authorSTREAM.

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