authorSTREAM API Web Services Now Live For Websites

authorSTREAM today launched the authorSTREAM API Web Services for easy Web service delivery and interoperability. This new service allows website owners to seamlessly integrate authorSTREAM’s Web Services using an API key, in their own websites.

This means that site owners using our Web Services through the API would enable their website users to upload and retrieve PPTs, in their own website, without their visitors even visiting authorSTREAM.

How does the API Web Service work?

The first thing you need to get to have this service on your own Web page is an API key. A developer key or API key is a unique identification for making API requests. This means that once you apply for your API key on our page, you get an authentication that allows you to make requests to our server. In simple words: You will connect your site to our site and let the people who visit yours, do the same things they could do in ours. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Does it take long to get the API key?

Not at all. After applying for it, you get it instantly, just after providing your email ID and name.
The only thing you need to remember is that the authorSTREAM API Web Services are free only for non-commercial purposes.

With authorSTREAM, the interconnection and interoperability in the PowerPoint space is just starting. Go for ease and quality: simply authorSTREAM.

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  1. I am sure this is THE BEST online service for automating PowerPoint Sharing on the web. Especially considering what authorSTREAM does with the PowerPoint files, retaining almost everything in the output from animations to links to audio files!

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