Multiple PPT Presentation Uploads on authorSTREAM

Now it is possible to upload several PowerPoint presentations in one go on, thanks to the new Multiple uploads option.

If you click on the option “upload presentation“, you will be redirected to our multiple upload panel, where you can upload up to 10 PPT files at the same time, using a maximum of 1 GB (aggregate) capacity. Additionally, the names of the files will be suggested as titles of the uploaded PPTS automatically. You can change the title if you wish as well, just after the uploading process. Besides, if you only want to upload one PPT, still you can use the single presentation upload option, by selecting that option on the right upper side of the page.

And there is even more; the option to upload any existing presentation on the Web, only by providing the URL, is also available by clicking on the right upper panel, on the option “Multiple presentations from the Web“.

These latest upload options will help you save time and have been provided to make uploading multiple PowerPoint presentations to authorSTREAM a breeze.

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