New Player Includes Slide Thumbnails in Presentations

authorSTREAM has released its new player, with advanced features, which will be the default player for all new presentations to be uploaded from now on. This new advance allows you to see thumbnails of each slide of the PPT at the bottom of the presentation, just after clicking on “Show Thumbnails” during the slide show. This way, it lets you go straight to the slide that visually better calls your attention.

The new player was made with the ability of saving time during the show due to to its quick loading feature and other enhancements for a smoother playback. Have a feel of the new player on this ultra cool presentation:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by pacific2000

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  1. Do not think this is any faster loading than the previous player, now just takes time between the slides as well, and it looks ugly on the blog/web page when embedded all grayed over.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback. Player load depends upon your Internet connection and browser type/settings etc. Perhaps if you could just tweak your settings and/or try a faster Internet service provider, your player load problem would be solved. authorSTREAM is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and the latest Firefox.

    The second issue of the starting screen showing somewhat greyed out was provided for effect and goes to normal as soon as the click-to-view button is pressed. Thanks again for your thoughts on this. We shall consider your feedback for future changes and we are still looking at more user-feedback to flow in.

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us at if you have further issues.

    Jagdeep Singh Pannu
    For authorSTREAM

  3. I LOVE AuthorStream!!!
    I am an ESL instructor at MiraCosta Collega and I will be giving a workshop today on how to use AuthorStream in the classroom 🙂
    Thanks 4 a GREAT site!!!
    Elizabeth Dinamarca Clarke

  4. Hi Eli,

    Thanks for your support. We are glad that you like authorSTREAM. We have a lot of stuff planned for the future and we will be coming out with more innovative features.

    If you are presenting to a live audience on the Internet, you might like to have a look at Present Live. Simply try it from your presentations page when you are signed in. It appears as an option with every presentation. When you activate it, you will get a unique URL, which you can send to your audience anywhere in the world to synchronously share your presentation with them. You can present through text chat but if you want to present using voice, you might like to try using Skype or any third party VOIP tool along with Present Live.

    Your feedback is most welcome!

    Jagdeep Singh Pannu

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