Replace Your PPT Presentations Without Hesitations :-)

We just added a new “Replace PPT” Feature. This option allows users to replace an existing PowerPoint presentation with a new one under the same URL and location without changing comments, views etc. associated with the presentation. The information associated with the PPT will remain the same and it will only replace the existing PPT file. Now you can easily modify your already uploaded, live presentation with this feature.

The feature is available in three different locations:

1. On the main dashboard section page here:

2. Below the presentation here:

3. And in the “My Uploaded Presentations” page:

To replace your presentation, click on the “Replace PowerPoint” option and it will ask you to upload a new one:

From here you can upload the new presentation and it will replace your existing presentation with a new one. The best part about this feature is that it will replace your presentation in embeds also and it will be reflected everywhere over the Web.

This option will also be available with presentations uploaded before this feature but it is not immediately available with presentations uploaded using authorPOINT and authorPOINT Lite. An option for aP and aPLite presentation swapping is on the roadmap though and it will soon be available.

We will keep adding these nifty little options to help serious presentation authors get maximum value and satisfaction on authorSTREAM.

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