Now authorSTREAM Desktop to Search and Add Web Videos and Images in PowerPoint

authorSTREAM Desktop has been launched and we are very excited about it. The application can search and fetch images from Microsoft Bing, and video from Google’s YouTube within PowerPoint, while you are creating a presentation. You can then choose the ones that you like and insert them in your slides.

You can also access your account on using this PowerPoint add-in and upload your presentations to the platform from within PowerPoint itself.

Here’s a video, in which Harman Singh, the CEO of authorGEN shows how he added images and videos to a blank presentation using the PowerPoint ribbon:

Using authorSTREAM Desktop

Let’s take a look at how authorSTREAM Desktop helps authors to enhance their presentations using rich media from the Web. The image below shows the authorSTREAM Desktop ribbon installed in PowerPoint:

authorSTREAM ribbon in PowerPoint
Using the “Search” option, you can select either images from Microsoft Bing or videos from YouTube. A results’ window will open and all you need to do is to pick one or more from the results and add them to the presentation.

Adding images in PPT presentations from the Web

Web image search in PowerPointSimply search using a descriptive keyword; for example, if you want an image about social media in one of the slides, you can just search for “social media”, which will provide you with a lot of choices. You can add multiple images in one slide, or each one of them in a different slide using “Options” at the bottom. This is very useful for creating quick photo albums.

Adding Videos from YouTube

YouTube video search in PowerPointIn the search box, type a keyword and click on the YouTube icon. This will fetch videos from YouTube, providing ample choices to insert in your slides. You can click on the little green triangular arrows to preview a video, which makes them pop up in a box for easy review.

After you have finished your presentation, just upload it to authorSTREAM from within PowerPoint using the “Upload PowerPoint” option:

authorSTREAM for PowerPoint

authorSTREAM Desktop provides powerful media search capability within PowerPoint. We strongly advise you to respect intellectual property copyright and use any images and videos in accordance with international copyright laws and licences. We welcome your feedback!

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