Now Creative Commons (CC) Attribution for Your Presentations

Yesterday, we implemented Creative Commons attribution options for your presentations on authorSTREAM, with which you can assign copyright licenses to your presentations.

This means that presentation authors now have a choice from the default six CC licenses and an “All Rights Reserved” option for their presentations. You can choose a license when you are uploading a presentation or you can choose/change it from your dashboard when you are logged in. Here’s a snapshot showing where you can choose while uploading:

You can also modify the license options on your already-existing presentations. All presentations carry the “All rights reserved” attribution by default. The option is available on the “Your Stuff” page and on the main presentation page. On the “Your Stuff” Page, click the “Edit Presentation Info” link and you can change the license option:

Additionally, you can change your license from the main presentation page:

An “Advanced Search” feature has also been added to the search box. This new feature provides 2 options in advance search.

1. Only downloadable – This will sort only downloadable presentations from the basic search.

2. Only search within Creative Commons licensed presentations – This will sort search results for presentations with Creative Commons.

Here’s a complete CC license list, showing details about what every license means.

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