Sign in to authorSTREAM using Google accounts

Signing in to authorSTREAM is super easy now as we have recently enabled logging in through Google accounts. When you sign in using your Google account, you are asked to connect your Google id with authorSTREAM. Existing users can also sign in using their Google ids.

Yes, you see twitter and Facebook icons too but these are not enabled yet. We will announce them here as soon as they are up and going.

Below are some of the updates in this release:

1. We have reduced the number of required form entries for new accounts on the Sign Up page too. Now it will only ask you to enter your Name, Username, Email and Password to apply for an account.

2. You can log in to authorSTREAM with either your Username or Email. Initially, only email used to work.

3. We have also updated the drop-down menu on the main page that lets you manage your account, change password, notification settings and contacts.

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