Facebook Like and Post to WiZiQ Buttons Added!

Send education presentations to WiZiQ

Your favorite PowerPoint sharing platform makes sharing easier than ever before. The way you have been posting your favorite presentation on facebook through ‘post on Facebook’ and on YouTube through ‘send to Youtube’ you can do the same on WiZiQ:

With just one click, you can post an educational presentation you created or liked on WiZiQ. The presentation automatically opens in your content folder on WiZiQ which you can then share with your peers or learners.

The Facebook Like button

Another cool new addition is the ‘facebook like’ button. It works exactly as on facebook. This means when you click facebook like on a presentation on authorSTREAM, your facebook friends automatically come to know that you liked that PowerPoint presentation. They can click on it and watch the slide show. If you write a comment along with ‘facebook like’, you see the image of the PowerPoint presentation on your wall along with your friends. Your facebook friends can watch the slide show and share it further.

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