authorSTREAM is FREE! Yes, Mostly.

Some of our users have been a little bemused about our offerings and the prices. To the best of everyone’s knowledge, authorSTREAM is absolutely free. Yes, there is a Premium service available, and yes, you can buy PowerPoint to video conversion credits but this means that you pay only if you want to take it to an advanced level. Besides these, there are plenty of services available at no price.

What’s for free?

1. Upload PowerPoint Presentations: As a free member of authorSTREAM, you can upload any number of public presentations. PowerPoint presentations uploaded by users are converted in the Flash format and users get a Web page for each upload. You can get the URL and share it with your friends or use the embed code to display the presentation on your blog. Public presentations are showcased on authorSTREAM and are indexed by search engines like Google. Public presentation uploads are absolutely free and nothing is charged for hosting. However there is a cap on the private presentations. You can upload upto 50 private presentations for free.

2. Convert PowerPoint to video: PowerPoint presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM can be converted in video formats like WMV, AVI, FLV, MP4 so that you can view/share your PowerPoint files on devices that don’t support the PowerPoint format. This PowerPoint to video conversion is free for presentations of duration up to 5 minutes and in MP4 video format.

3. Meet with Present Live: Present Live allows you to virtually meet on your PowerPoint Presentation with a selected group of friends and contacts on the Internet in real time. The service is user-friendly. You simply upload a presentation and click the ‘Present Live’ link to share the presentation with anyone you choose. You can discuss the presentations with a select group online. You can invite everyone you want to include in the debate by sending them your presentation’s unique Present Live link.

4. Create your own Web Channels: authorSTREAM Presentation Channels are your personalized Web pages that showcase a collection of presentations – be it on one topic or a theme. You can create multiple channels each focusing on one topic of interest. For example, a channel on photography would cater to photography enthusiasts and another one on China travel would help people find information on traveling to China. Companies can create a channel for each of their products and services.

It’s a platform for creative collaboration. A university department can create a channel and allow its professors to contribute; a journalist can start a channel about a story or an event where witnesses to the event can post their own point of view. A teacher can create a channel on a homework assignment and allow her/his students to submit their assignments there. Moreover, you can also embed the channel in blogs and Web pages, and even allow people to upload presentations related to the topic of your channel.

5. Upload PowerPoint presentations with authorSTREAM Desktop: authorSTREAM Desktop is a plugin for PowerPoint 2007 (ribbon). It lets you search for images (from Bing) and videos (from YouTube) and then insert those in PowerPoint slides. You can also use a URL of an Image or YouTube video and insert them directly in your slide. You can upload your presentation directly to authorSTREAM without having to visit the website and share it with the world. authorSTREAM desktop can handle linked media (audio or videos inserted) files pretty well.

What would you pay for?

Premium Service

If you decide to go to an advanced level, we charge a fairly small price for added features. You can check these features and price comparison here:

PowerPoint to Video Conversions

Conversion of your PowerPoint presentations to video is free for up to 5 minutes. If your video is longer than that, you simply need to pay $2/video.

Remember authorSTREAM lets you do a lot at no price and even more at a small price!

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