Get the best of PowerPoint without upgrading to 2010!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to write a project report or a report for the weekly staff meeting or a sales pitch for the next client meeting; you’re probably going to use PowerPoint.

Like everything else around us, with the Internet, PowerPoint usage has gained a new stature. It’s no longer just about creating PowerPoints but also broadcasting, sharing and embedding. Clearly, options like saving presentations to WMV video, inserting YouTube or other videos, and embedding all type of media have gained a lot of precedence especially this year.

The other reason for their popularity is the recent appearance in PowerPoint 2010. However it’s not news for avid PowerPoint users, they have been using these features since long – authorSTREAM introduced them about two years ago.

Interestingly what authorSTREAM users have been doing all this while, Microsoft users will do now. That also – after they have upgraded their office. And the upgrade from Office to Office is not the upgrade you know of: effortless, affordable, and efficient. Rather – it’s expensive, laborious and nothing like you imagined.

Let’s look at these features in detail:

Broadcast feature: Present Live at authorSTREAM
Present Live is not a new concept; authorSTREAM members have been doing this since long. It allows presenters to deliver presentations, live over the Internet where slide navigation is being controlled by presenters. In today’s world, many a times we need to communicate with people at different Geo locations who cannot meet at the same place. That is where Present Live comes in handy.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has also come up with a similar feature called broadcasting where presenters can click through the slides and everyone attending will be on the same slide.

Here is a video demo of the Present Live feature on authorSTREAM.

Save to WMV video or Convert to video on authorSTREAM
To meet the needs of sharing PowerPoint in more flexible ways, authorSTREAM introduced ‘Convert to video’ which Microsoft called ‘Save to WMV video’. This ability to turn presentations into videos has made sharing PowerPoint presentations on the Web easy.

authorSTREAM gives many options – you can convert your PowerPoint files to different video file formats such as AVI, WMV, FLV and MP4. You can also select a target platform like TV/DVD, Web or iPod and choose the option that suits your platform. Our users have been using it successfully.

Embed all type of media ( audio/ video) 
PowerPoint users have always longed for a video embedding feature, similar to audio embedding. authorSTREAM introduced this when PowerPoint users were just thinking about it. Earlier you would keep the PowerPoint file and videos in a common folder, zip it and share the zip file on email for the video to play.

authorSTREAM desktop-A free PowerPoint add-in was created to settle this missing use case. authorSTREAM Desktop automatically ships video/audio along with PowerPoint files to authorSTREAM servers making sure that the online version of PowerPoint (Flash output) plays the video and audio. Sharing video files in PowerPoint is easy and fun with authorSTREAM.

Embed YouTube videos
It has been a big hassle for PowerPoint users to insert embeds of video sharing websites like YouTube. One had to understand the complexity of adding a Shockwave Flash object to get a YouTube video on their slides. authorSTREAM desktop made inserting YouTube videos just a click away.

authorSTREAM desktop lets you search and fetch images from Microsoft Bing, and video from Google’s YouTube, within PowerPoint while you are creating a presentation. You can then choose the ones that you like and insert them in your slides. You can also upload your presentations on authorSTREAM from within PowerPoint itself.

Here is a presentation with YouTube video inside.

authorSTREAM presents a real alternative for users: a chance to get the features that have been tried and tested by more than 1 million users and end to the upgrading cycle.

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