authorSTREAM Million Celebration – Win an iPad Every Week for an Entire Month

We just crossed 1 million registered members. Now this calls for celebration – a perfect opportunity to share something with our members. This entitles all members to a chance to win an iPad  every week for an entire month.

Starting August 16, we will be giving away one iPad every week for the entire month. In return, you just need to upload as many *outstanding* presentations as you can because more you upload better are your chances to win.

Now that we are more than a million members and going strong, we would also like to share with you some interesting insights, tidbits and facts about presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM plus some fun trivia to tickle your fancy. Here goes…

Presentation Insights

These insights have been gathered from all presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM. As only PowerPoint presentations are accepted on authorSTREAM, this directly reflects on typical PowerPoint usage:

Like these insights? Get the embed code of the presentation here: Trends in the PowerPoint presentation world.

How to participate in the contest

To participate, all you need to do is upload your very own *spectacular* PowerPoint presentations during the contest period. After uploading, tweet out the presentation link to your followers. Include the hashtag #authorSTREAM and #PowerPoint (the default tweet on the presentation page has been modified to have the #authorSTREAM and #PowerPoint tag and you can tweet that as well). Ah well, if any of you are wondering about tweets and hashtags, you have surely missed twitter.

Who is eligible to win?

Only presentations that are originally created by you are eligible for upload. You must not upload the work of others. Presentations should have a theme, shouldn’t be abstract and most importantly, should be outstanding. While uploading presentations, make sure you select a category.

The trick is, more presentations you upload — yeah and they need to comply with the rules 🙂 — better are your chances to win but the underlying rule is that only really good-quality presentations stand a chance to win the contest.

A draw of lots of all outstanding uploaded presentations will announce the winners. An iPad is up for grabs every week folks! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the contest page to learn more and get started right away!

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