Jonathan Haidt’s presentation from the San Antonio Convention Center

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology witnessed world’s pre-eminent experts on bias discover an unexpected form of it at their annual convention held last month. Wherein eminent Psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, not just gave a thought-provoking speech but also created a flutter with his findings.

Jonathan Haidt  is a Psychologist and Professor at the University of Virginia. His research centers on the psychological bases of morality across diverse cultures and political ideology.

The New York Times review of the convention, highlighted Haidt’s findings. Through a PowerPoint presentation uploaded by him on authorSTREAM, the review deliberates over his analyses.

The presentation is creating waves, evident from the fact that it has already been viewed more than 60,000 times in a very short span of time. Take a look at the offbeat presentation on authorSTREAM that went viral within days.

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