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authorSTREAM rolled out a lot of new features, which were announced with the premium relaunch. We promised you in our earlier post that we will be unveiling every feature one by one. So today, we will be taking up the user profile page that has been overhauled to help you do more with it.

The all new profile page gives you a Facebook like feel. You can see a lot of things happening on this page. Whether you comment on a presentation or someone comments on your presentations, it is visible on your profile. And if you do not like a comment, you can always delete it. In short, all the recent activities you have been doing shows up on your profile. You can see recent activities like:

  • When you start following someone
  • Someone is following you
  • You upload a new presentation
  • When you comment on someone’s presentation
  • Someone comments on your presentation
  • When you create a Channel
  • When someone subscribes to your Channel

There’s a facebook “like” button below every presentation. When you like a presentation, just click the facebook like button and it shows up on your profile and also gets posted on your facebook wall.

Who’s visited your profile recently? That too, you can find right here. Not just that, you can start following them or visit their profile. The ‘About’ section, lets you write about yourself, your profession, hobbies, likes and dislikes, areas of interest, etc. You can add a profile picture to give face to your profile.

Want to keep up with other authorSTREAM members? Send them a private message from their profile. It’s a great way to stay in touch without losing privacy! Premium members get a yellow badge on their profile picture – a unique identification that distinguishes them from other users.

Let us know what you feel about our revamped profile page. Till then, stay tuned for more updates!

New Profile Page on authorSTREAM

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  1. Hey cannot wait for more new features. Are these features going to be there for the premium users only or are they would be available to others as well?

  2. @Pali Good to hear from you. The profile page features mentioned here are available for all members, but we do have rich feature-sets and advanced functionality for Premium members which includes presentation analytics, branded channels, unlimited private uploads and more. You can take a look at our premium plans and features here.

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