My Presentations and My Favorites – A first hand view

Most websites take you through a maze of web pages before you are actually able to use the main features. That is what we did not want our users to experience. With that in mind, we have created a tab called My Stuff which has a slew of features under its drop-down menu. This tab empowers you to convert your presentations to video, embed them and edit details. It arms you to share presentations on social networking sites, create a catalogue of favorite presentations, and even broadcast them for web conferencing. You can also, promote brand with channels and get insight into the content with advanced presentation analytics.

We will talk about each one of these features in the coming weeks. This post particularly talks about the My Presentation page. Once uploaded, your presentations appear on My Presentations page in the respective presentation blocks. The main menu on the page lets you make your presentations public, private or delete them. You can complete this action for one or more presentations, simultaneously.

Public vs. Private Presentations – Public presentations are visible to anyone whereas Private are available for view to anyone you choose. They can be pass-code protected as per your privacy options or be shared by sending a link to the selected people (This feature is available to premium members only). You can edit your privacy options any time from the Edit drop-down in the presentation block.

Share with selected people – When it comes to sharing the content, we have been very particular about the privacy of our users. We don’t want anyone to view your private content unless you permit them. You can make your content public for everyone to view or make it private and share with the selected people through different sharing options.   

Convert Presentation to Video – Any presentation that is set to play on rehearse timing can be converted to video from right below the presentation block; can even send to YouTube right from here.

Edit Presentations – You can give a complete description about the presentation, starting from the title, tags, story behind it, etc. Also set the privacy settings as per your requirements, from here.

Share on Social Networking Sites– This feature equips a user to share their presentation with others on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Embed Presentations Keeping the control in your hands, you can allow or prohibit others to embed your presentation on their blog and sites. Share the presentations with the whole world or only a bunch of your favorite people, the choice is all yours. You can even email your presentations to your friends, colleagues or send them to blogs and websites.

Present Live – As the name suggests, you can display your presentation live to as many people as you want. It is a web conferencing tool, which lets you broadcast your presentation in real-time to a set of audience with an option to text chat.

The other useful options on this page are Sort by, Order by and Search. It is interesting and valuable as you can sort your presentations by upload date, presentation views and presentation title. Even arrange them in ascending and descending order. Search option lets you explore within the presentations. You can even convert your presentation into a greeting card or replace it with a new presentation. We offer you a unique set of features to make your content more appealing.

My Favorite Presentations: This idea evolved with the thought that every user wants one place where they can list all their favourite presentations whether uploaded by them or other users on authorSTREAM. My Favourite Presentations is where users can do that. So, whenever you favourite a presentation by clicking Fav on top of the presentation player, it gets listed here.

You can watch the My Presentation Page presentation for the first hand view of this page. We would love to hear some views, thoughts and suggestions.

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