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Would you like to know who viewed your presentation? Which PowerPoint is buzzing the most on Twitter or Facebook? Who downloaded it? Which keyword brought viewers to your content? Would you like to know the complete profile of the viewers and get connected with them? You can do all this and much more with easy-to-use authorSTREAM’s Presentation Analytics. Get in touch with your audiences across the globe with this unique feature!

So, here’s what all you can do with Presentation Analytics’ enhanced features:

  • Geographical representation of the viewers’ locations gives you a clear idea of the visitor’s viewing your slides.
  • Average time spent on each slide by a visitor.
  • Find out who viewed your presentation and till which slide.
  • Get details of the total number of views of your PowerPoint.
  • The number of downloads made by the viewers for each of your presentations.
  • Find out about the widely used keyword searches by the viewers to access your PowerPoint.
  • Get details of the traffic source distribution such as what percentage of viewers came from Facebook, Twitter, search engines or via direct link of the presentation.
  • Keep yourself abreast of the presentations that are creating a buzz on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Download the statistics in CSV format to use the data in the reports or for any other official purpose.
  • Get statistics about the slide-shows marked as ‘favorite’ or ‘like’ by the viewers.
  • Get information about the total embeds on websites and blogs.

How is it beneficial for you?
Whether you are running a business, into a teaching profession or moreover creating presentations at authorSTREAM for fun and hobby, you can use this great feature for several reasons.

The Presentation Analytics helps you to strengthen the marketing initiatives in business by preparing better-targeted subject matter. If you are a teacher, it helps you to know the most popular content among your pupils and you can create a library of presentations based on a popular content. You can also indulge in a hobby of creating a photo-based album of PowerPoint presentations. Find out the popularity enjoyed by the albums of your family and friends worldwide. Also, get acknowledged of the buzz about it on Twitter and Facebook.

Food for Thought:

Interactive features of Presentation Analytics allow you to identify the viewers of your PowerPoint in a distinguishing manner. It helps you to get connected with those who have a preference for your presentations. Move a step ahead with this tool and go beyond than only creating and displaying PowerPoint presentations on authorSTREAM account.

Presentation analytics feature is now available starting from less than $3/month.

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