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Do you have an online business? Do you want to tell your potential clients about yourself? Are you a teacher and willing to present a collection of presentations on different educative subjects? Do you love to create a travelogue of your adventure and leisure photographs to share with loved ones? With authorSTREAM channels you can do all this and more.

Whether you are a free or paid user, we give you complete freedom and an interactive platform to create a customized storehouse of presentations based on any subject, cost-effectively. You can showcase your products, tell about your services, improve company’s branding and create an online space for your business.

Carve out an online space with Free and Pro Membership

Free members:  You can create unlimited channels and set themes from our  collection.

Pro Members: You will enjoy unlimited channels with more flexibility. 

  • Store unlimited public presentations with advanced customization features.
  • Select from the predefined background themes such as travel, education, business, entertainment and many more.
  • Customize colors of these themes with more options.
  • Organize page elements like, ‘Profile Widget’, ‘Subscription’, ‘Channel embed code’, ‘Other channels by You’ and ‘Channel Subscribers’ according to your convenience

Brand with Business Membership

Along with the above-mentioned features, you can do a lot more to your stockroom of PowerPoint presentations to favorably represent your organization. 

  • Create five branded channels of PowerPoint presentations by adding advertisements, banners or customizing themes.
  • Upload your own background image and set it as the theme. (you can make it look exactly like your web page) 
  • Insert your own banner or advertisement to introduce and promote the products and services among the target audiences with the latest feature of ‘Ad Slot’.
  • Add or remove the page elements (you can change them to ‘Connect with Us’, ‘Feed links’ and ‘Text Block’)
  • Block comments that harm your branding (good comments add quite a value to your presence)
  • Enable or disable ‘Subscription feed on subscribers dashboard’

The rich feature-sets of Business membership arm you to promote your business and build a trustworthy online reputation of the company.

authorSTREAM offers you brighter prospects to present your ideas and perspectives by creating an exquisite warehouse of PowerPoint presentations based on any topic. This feature is valuable when you want to: bring to light the credibility of your company; boost the visibility of your business; connect with pupils worldwide through this state-of-the-art feature and transmit knowledge to them in an interactive form; create a memorable photo album of melodious moments to share it online with near ones.
authorSTREAM Channels are now available starting from less than $3/month.

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