Improved output, fast conversions with new conversion engine

PowerPoint is a remarkable tool because it allows very dense verbal communication over the Internet. You can send a product brochure, sales report, business plan, product portfolio, etc., through a shared link. It works great on the Web until the output is static images with no audio, animation and other special effects.

Most companies have tried to replicate the basic essence of PowerPoint in the browser but a 100% replication of PowerPoint is tough to achieve. That is what authorSTREAM aims for – A 100% replica of PowerPoint slideshows on the Web – the way their authors intend them to be with animations and multimedia elements.

Today with the announcement of an advanced conversion engine, authorSTREAM has taken that step towards excellence. authorSTREAM backed with the new conversion engine now supports most  of  the animation effects (with an exception of character by character effects) provided by PowerPoint 2007 along with a support for animation effects applied on master slide shapes and animated pictures (Gifs).  Here is the list of major improvements:

  • Support for Vimeo video embeds
  • Most of the animation effects are supported
  • Support for triggers on audio objects
  • Improved image quality
  • Improved text/shape placements
  • Support for text effects like under-line and strike-through
  • More support for colored text
  • More support for text rotations

What’s more?
The new conversion engine is more reliable, with an average conversion rate of less than 1 minute. With this advanced conversion engine, authorSTREAM supports Vimeo embeds as well. Now you can try your hands both on YouTube and Vimeo to create a wonderful presentation mashup.

Support for 2010 PowerPoint presentations is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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